PLC provides generator rental services in Vietnam with capacities ranges from 25kVA to 610kVA.

Our generator for rent in Vietnam is professional services with reasonable prices.

We are not only provide power sources or backup powers but also power supply solution for all clients in nation wide.

Most of our generators are high quality productions from Japanese manufacture such as Denyo, Airman, Nippon Sharyo, Komatsu…

Denpend on requirement of each client, we can supply many kind of generators: slient generators, outdoor generators, indoor generators… We also can provide generator rental services in Vietnam from other manufacturer such as Cummins, Kohler, Caterpillar. Most of generators from above manufacturer is large one with capacity range from 600kVA, 800kVA up to 2.000kVA.

In additional, we also can supply special rental service for generator in marine work – woking in salting invironment, heavy duty generator – with heavy load in long time, container generator with big capacity…

We focus to provide industrial generators which are required large capacity in long time using such as Heavy industrial factory project, Refinery project, Power Plant project…

Below are some information of our generators and projecsts: