PLC Construction Machinery JSC (hereinafter referred to as “PLC”) aims to become a leading company in the construction machinery in Vietnam and the Southeast Asia.

PLC is trying to improve service quality and create a new standard in providing construction machinery services in Vietnam.

PLC is trying to promote the importance of professional business in construction machinery and to establish a new cooperative approach between construction contractors and equipment suppliers.

PLC is trying to own and provide the best quality equipment with the latest technology to contribute to create a new standard in the construction machinery industry in Vietnam.

PLC is trying to share the research and practical experiences to contribute to improve and develop the construction machinery industry of the Vietnam and international manufacturers.


PLC Construction Machinery JSC (hereafter referred to as “PLC”) will build a new business model, maximize the efficiency of the business to ensure the growth of profit and value of the Company.

Based on the growth of profit and value, PLC will have the best treatment conditions to all staff and employees of the company, and ensure the benefits to its shareholders.

PLC will create a favorable environment to maximize the strength of all staff and employees. To ensure fair development opportunities for everyone.

In addition to ensuring its benefits, PLC is always seeking the opportunity to share benefits to all its partners to create a mutually beneficial development mechanism. The success of the partners is also the success of the PLC.

PLC will share and take social responsibilities in every stage to contribute to the overall development of the country.