PLC Policy on Health – Safety – Environment

Policy originating:

  1. Human is always the most important factor in all cases. Human health and safety are always the greatest priority. This is the guideline for all PLC activities.
  2. Progress and quality are the decisive factors to the success of each project’s economic performance and the factors affecting the survival of the PLC.
  3. Harmonizing the resources to preserve the surrounding environment and to ensure sustainable development.


  1. To ensure that the entire management board and all employees of PLC are aware of the health and safety of themselves and people around.
  2. To allocate the resources of the company for the health, safety and environment task in a reasonable manner, which is suitable for each development stage of the company.
  3. To place importance on sustainable development and step by step build this ideal into an important part of the business philosophy of the company.

Policy implementation:

  1. PLC policy on health – safety – environment is supervised directly by the Director of the Company to ensure the independence and breadth of all the departments as well as all employees.
  2. To ensure that all employees have regular health checks and are always in good health and are fully equipped with labor safety equipment, as well as to analyze the risks of work when carrying out assigned tasks.
  3. To provide training on safety practices in accordance with PLC policy on the basis of respect for and in compliance with applicable laws for new employees, as well as regularly inspect the implementation of safety work for the whole company.
  4. Absolutely comply with the inspection in accordance with the applicable laws as well as the periodical service and maintenance and daily inspection, pre-check before operating for all equipment.
  5. To ensure that all tools and devices used in lifting and working conditions must be safe for any activity.
  6. To create a sense of protecting the working environment to the whole employees in daily activities.


Vu Xuan Ket

Reviewed date: 7/01/2017

Next reviewed date: 7/01/2018